About us


The high quality of our products worked daily.

A fresh, creative and free air with a traveling spirit.
Combining daring flavors, incorporating gastronomic traditions from different countries and origin.

Our cuisine based on seafood,
Defending the importance of the product and the quality of our ingredients, we pay tribute to the cuisine of the sea and fire.
fish and seafood from our fish market and around according to daily auction, meats of national origin and race, exclusive food and based on experience.
We also highlight seasonal products, such as mushrooms, truffles, sea urchins among other products.

We will accompany this gastronomic experience
With creative cocktails prepared with exclusive infusions of the house and natural ingredients.

Our team

  • A team full of enthusiasm and passion.
  • For us it is one of our most important bases.
  • Respect for each of them and our importance to see them grow in their dreams.